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How does Google Search Algorithm Work?

Have you ever wonder how Google search gives us the right piece of information in seconds? The moment we write something in the Google search bar, we get top quality results. It follows a complex search system called Google Algorithms, where you get accurate results based on the search index maintained by Google. Google search engine uses different algorithms and ranking methods to deliver the best output to the users searching.

Why Google uses Complex Algorithms?

Internet live stats show that there are almost 1.8 billion active websites on the internet. This huge figure is the reason that Google search engine has to use complex algorithms to rank highly relevant web pages in search engine result pages SERP. These are kinds of mathematical instructions that give commands to computers to fulfil assigned tasks.

How does Google Algorithms work?

Keywords are considered as the core of these algorithms. Google algorithms make searches based on the keywords you have used on the web pages and filter them for you. They also filter and rank those pages depending upon the number of times that keyword is used throughout the web page. You will get the best-ranked links after complete the examination of your query for relevant results.

Google Keywords:

Now the question is how Google finds the right web pages with keywords. This is possible with the help of two automated programs; spiders and crawlers. These automated systems travel through the web and move from one link to another to create an index page for your keywords. So, when you enter your search query into the Google search bar, it gathers all the data in the form of an index. It lists down all the search engine results containing the same keyword.

There are several pages present on the Google search engine, which are specifically designed to redirect traffic to targeted web pages. Google spider help differentiate between these redirecting sites and actual websites containing actual web content.

You can take Google search engine as a giant library that read all the pages in all the books to find you the right referenced results. It uses your keyword command to deliver the right information to you.

Keyword Placement:

Keywords should be placed throughout the content or web page in such a way that they get index properly on the search engine. Keyword placement is a first step to help Google explore different sites. It means that Google not only search for keywords in the web content but it also looks for relevant keywords in the title and headings.

Google search for keywords in large headings and help rank web pages higher in the search index. This helps in retaining visitors who come and visit your site. However, it is highly suggested to avoid keyword stuffing while writing a blog, article or other web content. Some content geeks have recommended using your relevant keyword on the web page thoroughly and in a regular manner.

How does Google Rank Pages quickly?

You will find hundreds and billions of web pages on the internet, which are indexed, based on their relevancy. Google rank these web pages according to their search index and find you whatever you are looking for.

For page ranking, Google reads all the data available on web pages including website content, its structure and profile links. In this way, it filters the most relevant results in seconds out of an extensive search index.

Google Page Rank System

Whenever we search for something on Google, it straight away provides us results ranked from top to bottom. Google follows a unique ranking system that is still a secret. Google shows results of our entered keyword in the search bar using specific algorithms and provides us with top searched lists. Most people prefer to open top-ranked links with high user traffic to extract authentic information from the Google search engine.

However, besides the Google algorithm’s hidden strategies for the PageRank system, there are some predictable Google algorithm features.

  • Google PageRank is responsible for assigning a rank or score to pages. Pages with high ranks appear on the top searches and users are inclined to trust those website pages.
  • The next question that pops up in our mind is what criteria Google follows to score web pages. Google determine the scores of your web pages according to the number of other web pages linked to them. These links act as votes for your targeted website.
  • Keep in mind that these links must belong to some high-quality web content instead of poorly produced and empty sites.
  • It means that not all the votes from all the sites linked to your targeted web page will count. Google follows its own rules to rank certain web pages keeping in view all the factors. Linking back to empty sites and low ranking sites won’t help.

Other Factors:

Some other factors assess scoring such as;

  • Strength of domain name of website or domain name system DNS.
  • How long your website has been attracting traffic?
  • Google PageRank system also considers the amount and strength of inbound and outbound links of your web pages. Moreover, the age of links that goes in and out of your website also makes a huge difference.
  • Then comes the equal and thorough distribution of keywords throughout your web pages and website as a whole. Ideal keyword placement in your web pages helps increase your site ranking and score.
  • Google algorithms rank your website depending upon the age of your website and for how long it has been around.

Human Impact

There is a general misconception about the involvement of humans to test the search returns. There is speculation that Google relies on humans to choose the best link, sort them manually and rank them higher on the search engine.

Google has denied these allegations about human testers to sort and rank search output. However, this biggest provider of search services only claimed that they use a network of humans to test their formulas related to the search. Google is solely responsible for assigning scores to web pages based on their history. Links going to and from the web page determines the page-ranking system.

Winding Up

Google follows unique strategies and algorithms to monitor links going to and from a website and arrange search results in a user-friendly manner. Google webmasters are Google search central which help your website discover more easily by users. Webmasters can follow simple tricks to increase their Google rank or score by enhancing the content quality and diverting more user traffic towards your pages with high-quality information.

So, if your website contains top-notch content, there are more chances that other websites will link back with your web pages and recognize your website. However, it is not easy to win Google top spot, but webmasters can make efforts to value your site content.

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