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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2021

In a digital world with over 4.80 billion internet users, getting your website noticed is more challenging than ever. This guide provides proven strategies to drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine ranking.

4.80 billion humans; sounds like an awfully lot of people, doesn’t it? But you will be surprised to know that it is the number of internet users in the world

According to the data by the digital report, the digital users have increased by around 257 million in the past year, and the number hasn’t stopped increasing yet.

No doubt the internet is growing at an unimaginable rate, and getting an appearance on is more difficult now than ever. If you can’t present your website as a high authority web or rank it on Google, it’s a game over. Your target audience won’t even know of its presence, let alone use it.

Even the most innovative design and interesting content won’t help you much. But we can’t let that happen, can we?

After all the effort you put in, it’s not fair to let you down because of low authority or search engine ranking. So, in this guide, we will share tricks to combat this problem and rise on the search engines. Have a look…

Start with analysis

First thing first, if you need to improve your website ranking, you need to know its current status. Most of the time, there is something interrupting Google from ranking the website. It can be broken links, content, indexing error, backlink, or any other SEO-related aspect. Find it out.

There are good tools like Semrush and Ahref that you can use for this analysis. These tools will give you a report which you can use to plan your next move.

Reach Out for Help

When you start a new website, the first instinct is to put in all your effort to rank it. Many even think that they can do it all alone, but that never works well. At some point, you have to reach out to enhance your website appearance and gain authority.

Now, if you haven’t done it yet, start outreaching and posting content on other sites. It will help you drive viewers from their high-traffic web to yours.

However, if you are already doing it, take a step further. Reach out to social media influencers and popular figures. Not all of them will be willing to help, but many will be ready to promote your websites.

These influencers have millions of followers, and gaining even a fraction of them can make a huge difference.

Leverage Viral Content

In this age of digitization, viral content is a big thing. Remember when the shares of coca-cola dropped just because of a video with Ronaldo turning down coke for water. Then there was Elon Musk’s tweet about bitcoins and their aftermath.

These incidents are clear depictions of the reach of social media and the viral content on it. You can use them to your advantage. Plant the content properly, and you can get instant fame in the market.

Of course, the trick may not work or last for a small duration, but that’s a risk worth taking. Besides, if it succeeds, you will get traffic that would need months of work with the general SEO marketing techniques.

Experiment with your Content

The Internet may offer you a lot of things, but a stable trend is not one of them. This world keeps on evolving and introducing new content types. If you wish to attain an appearance online, you need to open up to the changes.

Start by running small campaigns and trying new content types. You can introduce videos, blogs, or anything in the trend and use it to attract the audience. In simple words, think like a customer to find what they want to see.

If you have social media, that can come in handy to connect with your audience. If not, use a review application to find their views and alter your content accordingly. And don’t forget to remove the old content.

Write For Quora

The online community of Quora is huge and full of potential audiences for your websites. All you need is to find these audiences and divert them towards your websites. So, just create a Quora account and start looking for questions related to your website or services.

You can answer these questions and explain how your website fits into the scenario. It’s also possible to use links and pictures to promote your web. Just make sure you don’t go overboard. Quora does have some guidelines and will block an answer that doesn’t follow them.

Apart from Quora answers, you can also post your own question to establish authority on the channel. And if possible, you can also try to include other such communities, including Reddit, and Medium in your campaign.

Research Similar Websites

If your website is ranking lower than other similar sites, there has to be something they are doing right. You have to find that thing.

Start by making a list of the top competitors of your websites and shortlist them based on the recent progress. Now, check out their websites and study their approach. You should also use some online tools to find the keywords they are using, their social media activity, and marketing campaigns.

Once you know their marketing channel and their tricks to drive traffic, use them. You will have to alter them for your website and make some modifications, but they will work.

Go Diverse With Marketing

Admit it or not, but the present Internet users don’t have time to spare for long ebooks like the content. Some may read long texts, but a majority will quiet after a few hundred or maybe a thousand words. So, while content marketing has benefits, it needs some help.

And that’s where you need to focus. Move ahead of simple marketing tricks and invest in PPC ads, YouTube marketing, guest posts, podcasts or sharable quizzes. Target the interests of your audiences because, in the end, it’s what’s going to get you more view time. Besides, no one spreads words about a business or website better than its loyal users.


Keywords, blogs, and interactive UI are just a part of your website. They can get you some views, add authority or make your website likable. However, they can’t help you to reach out to everyone.

So yes, you have to work on content, but you also have to focus on grabbing attention to your websites. You have to step ahead and adopt new and trending methods to capture your audience.

And don’t forget to regularly upgrade both your strategy and website. You have to stay ahead of the competitors.

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